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Long Drive 60mg Tablet in Pakistan

The Long Drive 60 mg Tablet is a vasodilator. One example of its targeted organ is a penis in case of men with penile erectile dysfunction. The most probable onset of the Long Drive 60 mg tablet is around 30-45 minutes after its consumption.

The total rundown of ailments for which Long drive 60 mg Tablet can be used for includes but not limited to the following

The Long Drive 60 mg Tablet is primarily used to treat two ailments in total both of which are given below:

1. Hypertension

2. Penile Erectile Dysfunction


Although it is extremely safe to use, following the below mentioned precautions will add on to the level of your security.

• Since it takes a minimum of half hour to show effects, consume it accordingly.

• Do not overdose on Long drive; to avoid prolonged penile erection which is extremely painful.

• If you experience more than 4 hours of prolonged erection, immediately rush to a nearby emergency center.

• Avoid consuming alcohol while you are on Long Drive 60mg tablet.

Side effects:

Side effects and positive effects of a medicine go hand in hand. Whenever we consume any medication it alters one function for the good but the alteration also results in possible side effects. It is most important to learn the side effects linked to the medicine which you are about to take. The side effects linked to the use of Long Drive 60 mg Tablet are:

• A headache

• Flushing and Blotchy Face

• Disturbed bowel movement

• Disturbed sleep

• Diarrhea and constipation

• Dizziness

• Bloody Urine

• Vision impairment

• Light sensitivity

• Painful erection and Urination

General review:

The users highly recommend Long Drive 60 mg Tablet to men with erectile dysfunction. Users have given positive feedback along with a remark that it boosts the energy along with a natural erection. However, 3/10 users have also complained about the overly prolonged painful erection. This is most probably a result of overdose or simultaneous alcohol consumption. Therefore, avoid both of these.

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